Get To Know Me..

What better way to get to know me than a quick fire round of questions? 

Full Name
Kirsty Ann Phoebe McCrilly

My birthday 
22nd February

Relationship status
Very married

4 (Mya 13, Sienna 7, Hayden 6 & Keegan 2)

Favourite Colour
Green used in my website

Favourite Food
Cesar Salad

Favourite Drink
Iced coffee

Brothers & Sisters
5 sisters, 1 brother (the poor wee thing never had a hope)

Dog (Bailey) & Cat (Kym)

3 Fears
Snakes, snakes, snakes

3 Loves
My kids, coffee & music

Last song I listened to
Mona Lisa – Panic! At The Disco

How many tattoos I have

Favourite Place 
There’s no place like home

Favourite Quote
Chuck it in the Fuck It Bucket & Move On

Celebrity Crush
Johnny Depp & Tom Felton

My Hero
My parents 

Greatest Achievement
Becoming a mum

Best physical feature
Emm I’m still working on learning to love myself 


Eh….5ft something or other 

Partners Name

How old where you wen you had your first child

Favourite Movie
The Breakfast Club, Jurassic Park, Benny & Joon, Barefoot in the Park, Back To The Future….we could be here a while!

Favourite Song
Something – The Beatles, Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedance Clearwater revival, Heathens – Twenty one Pilots, Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen….I could go on and on!

Are you afraid of the dark?
Depends on where am I am 

Cookies, Cake or donut
Can I have all 3?

Do you forgive easily?
Forgive but don’t forget

Mac or PC
Mac Mac Mac Mac (my MacBook Air is my 5th child)

Beach or Mountains

Ever been on a diet
I feel like i’ve been dieting since I was about 18 (and I look the same)

Braces or classes
Never had either but i’ve always wanted classes

Ever skipped class?
Of course…but I gave birth during the school semester 

Enjoy DIY or crafts?
I design for a living so yes….I am also an excellent Ikea furniture builder!

Something I refuse to eat

Favourite time of year
Fall but it’s also my least favourite


So now you know all about me and we are besties now 

Kirsty xx