Graphic Design

Logo Design

Your logo/brand is a vital point of your businesses identification.  It is a point of recognition for your clients. 

Having a aesthetically pleasing logo will trigger a positive recall of your brand and business which the name alone cannot do. It builds trust between you and your customers. 

It is not enough just to have a logo. You need to use it consistently to market your business. You will showcase your logo on: your website, social media profiles, email correspondence, store and vehicle signage etc. 

My goal is to work with you to design the perfect logo to fit both you and your business. From the initial consultation where we review your brief to initial designs and revisions I work side by side with my clients every step to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 


Infographic Design

Infographics are used as a powerful tool to allow people to easily digest information through the use of visual data, charts, and statistics through use of colour, graphics and text.

Used as graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Infographics can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

My infographic design service will help you to visualise your data and information and help increase your website traffic and customers engagement in no time.

Social Media Design

Using social media as part of your business marketing strategy is a great idea as it allows you to engage with customers, develop a brand voice and keep an eye on your competition and it a  great way to increase your brand awareness. 

As a business you want to keep your brand uniform across your website and social profiles. 

With the help of my social media design services I can create incredible images to help you draw the audiences attention.

I can help set up your profile image, cover image and post/grid images to help make your social profiles look professional and engaging.

Leaflet & Flyer Design

I have worked with many businesses and organisations to help them with all their graphic needs including creating posters, wall art, brochures, flyers and booklets to help promote their business. 

Why not book in a consultation with me to discuss your brief and let me help you to create a design that states the who, what, where and when of your business or event. 

Visually striking and informative let your design speak for itself.

Stationary Design

 The entire goal is to have beautiful branding throughout the company. Every business owner understands that personalised communication emphasises your professionalism.

Whether it’s business cards, headed paper, mouse pads, swing tags or bag stickers, having branded business stationery is a small thing that can boost your business in ways you would not anticipate.

Professional stationery tells clients and potential clients that the business is professional and legitimate. Quality stationery will leave a long lasting impression. 

Print Advertising Design

Not all advertisements exist on a screen, print ads have much value in the digital world.

I have created print ads for Ulster Tatler, Getting Married In Northern Ireland, Mid Ulster Advertiser, Tyrone Courier, Ulster Tatler Interiors to name a few.

I can work with your business to design the perfect ad campaign to advertise your business and services.

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